Abran Riserr

Arrogant captain of the Queen’s Dragoons


A tall and lean man with a military baring, Abran Riserr is the picture of arrogant Cyran nobility. He cuts an impressive figure in his Dragoon’s uniform, his dark hair and piercing icy blue eyes complementing the deep royal blue of the uniform well.


Captain of the Queen’s Dragoons, an elite cavalry unit attached to the 47th. He’s taken a great dislike to Milt and his squad. He sees Milt as a commoner with ideas above his station, and the soldiers under Milt’s command as an insubordinate rabble.

He has had his men cause trouble for Milt in the past, although just about maintained a level of plausible deniability about it. The same cannot be said for the cavalry officers under his command, at least one of whom as been demoted as a result of the vendetta.

Abran Riserr

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