Adara Wintermere


A relatively young half elf, Adara has a mane of copper hair, and dark eyes. When the need for fighting arises, she favours chain mail and a simple under tunic, suited to the work of battle. However when outside of the army or not about to plunge into a fight, she wears very fashionable clothing, often favouring red, and often things she herself has made.

Her demeanour is charming, compassionate, playful, with a bit of a fierce streak on occasions. It is unclear why she joined the army, since her personality seems to ill fit with the strict military life.

A reasonable fighter, Adara uses her psionic talents primarily as a healer, bolstering the team up with her abilities and pushing them into greater endeavours.


Adara grew up in the capitol city Metrol, the daughter of profitable traders of cloth and other fine goods. She’s a third generation half elf, with both her parents and all grandparents also claiming half elf heritage.

Despite her charm, she didn’t get on with the fellow children in the city, which had a lot to do with her emerging psionic powers. No one trusted that their feelings were her own, especially since young Adara did not have much control over them. However there was one person who was still friendly with her, a human of similar age Laurien.

Their friendship grew into a relationship, and when Laurien joined the army, Adara followed. Unfortunately, they were not in the same regiment, and Adara’s personality meant that she had a harder time of it than her lover. However, she has found a comfortable place on Wallace’s team, using her powers as the team’s healer and generally helping out her country. Things she is interested in doing, even if she finds the army itself a bit stifling.

Adara Wintermere

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