Diadre Wallace

Milt's wife, a no-nonsense merchant


A woman in her 30’s who wears worn but well-made clothes with discreet little bits of embroidery that don’t get in the way. She exudes good sense.


Diadre was born to a merchant in Belmeadow, a small town in Western Cyre and quickly proved herself entirely capable of running the business. She married a local hunter called Milton Wallace, a step down as far as her father was concerned, and inherited the business.

She has two children, Allan and Cai, who she has raised largely single-handed since Milt went to fight in the war, and still manages to maintain her business and her position as one of the wealthier people in Belmeadow.

Their house is a bit out of town, a small cottage with a garden where they grow vegetables and sometimes flowers. The merchant business is in the centre of the town, a typical merchant’s building with warehouse attached.

Diadre Wallace

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