Milton "Milt" Wallace


A solidly-built man in his 30’s with clear signs of hard work and war on his face. He wears tough and practical clothes designed for long stints in the countryside in all kinds of weather, and carries a crossbow that he calls Betsy. Personable and competent, but never given to airs and graces.

Milt is always accompanied by his dog, Horatio, a brown mid-sized dog with more than a few scars of his own.


Milt was born in Belmeadow, a small town in Western Cyre. His parents were hunters and trappers, and he followed in their footsteps, though he also made friends in the local watch and in the town itself.

He married Diadre, the daughter of a local merchant and of a rather higher class than him, and they settled down in a little cottage on the outskirts of Belmeadow. They have two children, Allan and Cai.

Milton "Milt" Wallace

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