Tag: 47th


  • Milton "Milt" Wallace

    Milt was born in Belmeadow, a small town in Western Cyre. His parents were hunters and trappers, and he followed in their footsteps, though he also made friends in the local watch and in the town itself. He married Diadre, the daughter of a local …

  • Forte

    Forte has seen almost a decade of active service, and is a true veteran. She’s a reserved individual, and very few of the squad are close to her. She’s lightly built for a Warforged, designed to be a skirmishing and scouting unit, and in remarkably …

  • Isidora Atir

    A junior cleric of the Sovereign Host, Isidora firmly puts her nation first and her faith second. Alarmingly patriotic at times, she’s a valued (if sometimes rash) member of her team.

  • Sledge

    Sledge was built for one thing, namely hitting things very hard. Despite this, he’s a good humoured individual and eager to help his squadmates with even the most menial of tasks. Several members of the squad are a little inclined to take advantage of …

  • Tamuck

    A Goblin Druid the 47th ran into in Darguun when tracking down slavers, he became a hired guide and has now accepted a commission in the Cyran army. Loves fish and telling stories of the great feats he (and the squad) have accomplished.

  • Sancha Aldaqua

    Missing, presumed dead in the Day of Mourning. A half-elven woman in her late twenties, Captain Aldaqua is a veteran of several campaigns and is at least in part responsible for both sides of the 47th’s reputation.

  • Favian Montero

    Missing, presumed dead in the Day of Mourning. A traditionalist, Favian commands the 47th. He’s not got much of a sense of humour, but does respect the work that Milt and co have done, even if he’s not entirely happy about his rise in the ranks...