Tag: Human


  • Ashlyn “Ashy” Dant

    A wizard with a reputation for setting things on fire, despite her complete lack of pyromancy… Despite this, she’s a cheerful and good-humoured woman in her early twenties, and well-liked by all of the rest of the squad.

  • Milton "Milt" Wallace

    Milt was born in Belmeadow, a small town in Western Cyre. His parents were hunters and trappers, and he followed in their footsteps, though he also made friends in the local watch and in the town itself. He married Diadre, the daughter of a local …

  • Diadre Wallace

    Diadre was born to a merchant in Belmeadow, a small town in Western Cyre and quickly proved herself entirely capable of running the business. She married a local hunter called Milton Wallace, a step down as far as her father was concerned, and inherited …

  • Allan Wallace

    The older of Milt's two sons, Allan is 11 at the start of the campaign. He has the same brown hair as his father and is more serious than his younger brother Cai, taking on responsibilities in the household and Diadre's business while his father is away.

  • Cai Wallace

    The younger of Milt's two sons, Cai is 8 and has mousy hair. He is adventurous and exuberant, determined to become a hero and fight dragons (which conveniently often distracts him from helping around the house).

  • Abran Riserr

    Captain of the Queen’s Dragoons, an elite cavalry unit attached to the 47th. He's taken a great dislike to Milt and his squad. He sees Milt as a commoner with ideas above his station, and the soldiers under Milt's command as an insubordinate rabble. …

  • Naldo Tinshy

    Missing, presumed dead in the Day of Mourning. General Tinshy is the commanding officer for the 17th Heavy Infantry, the 47th Forward Infantry, and a couple of other regiments. He's one of the leaders of the Northern Front Defence and the ongoing …

  • Favian Montero

    Missing, presumed dead in the Day of Mourning. A traditionalist, Favian commands the 47th. He’s not got much of a sense of humour, but does respect the work that Milt and co have done, even if he’s not entirely happy about his rise in the ranks...

  • Efrain Garner

    Admiral of the Cyran Navy, Efrain Garner commanded the Cyran sea forces in retaking Swoz, assisting the 47th and other infantry units. Admiral Garner survived the Day of Mourning due to being on the river at the time but was forced to retreat to Lake Cyre …