Tag: Squad


  • Forte

    Forte has seen almost a decade of active service, and is a true veteran. She’s a reserved individual, and very few of the squad are close to her. She’s lightly built for a Warforged, designed to be a skirmishing and scouting unit, and in remarkably …

  • Isidora Atir

    A junior cleric of the Sovereign Host, Isidora firmly puts her nation first and her faith second. Alarmingly patriotic at times, she’s a valued (if sometimes rash) member of her team.

  • Sledge

    Sledge was built for one thing, namely hitting things very hard. Despite this, he’s a good humoured individual and eager to help his squadmates with even the most menial of tasks. Several members of the squad are a little inclined to take advantage of …

  • Tamuck

    A Goblin Druid the 47th ran into in Darguun when tracking down slavers, he became a hired guide and has now accepted a commission in the Cyran army. Loves fish and telling stories of the great feats he (and the squad) have accomplished.